What They Say?

  • "Thank you very much for the support and guidance from Rivil team,for getting an admission to the Victoria University of Wellington,as well as to obtain my student visa along with my spouse visa with the guidance of immigration advisor Miss Geetha Gupta. Rivil team completed our visa process with great effort,and I highly recommended Rivil Team to any prospective student, and special thanks goes to Mrs.Upekha and Mr.Jinendra who supported us from the very beginning."

    Poornima Vithana - Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand - 15th May 2017
  • "First of all, it is difficult to explain in a few words that emotional sentiments that I received to pursue my National Diploma studies in a foreign campus. I have 2 year hospitality work experience in United Arab Emirates and also I have completed emergency first aid and food hygiene courses in Dubai. However I am happy to have whitireia community polytechnic for my higher education, because whitireia is located in Auckland and is very famous city for tourism industry, Then for me it would be easy to learn in that environment. The best hospitality management I would recommend whitireia community polytechnic to all my fellow Sri Lankans."

    Praveen Hendalage - Whitireia community polytechnic, New Zealand - 28th April 2017
  • "I take great delight in thanking Rivil International Education Consultants for their excellent work in handling my student visa. I would like to especially thank the team Mr.Jinendra, Mrs.Jayathilake, Mrs.Bandaranayake, Mr.Aakil and Mr.Suganthan for their incredible effort. Thanks to Rivil, I'm on my way to New Zealand. Wishing Rivil International the very best."

    Chathumal Bandara - CIBT, New Zealand - 28th April 2017
  • "First of all, I thank you for the immense support and guidance in getting an admission to the University of Auckland and get a visa to New Zealand. You have been a great support from the beginning. As you do know that I have been dreaming for an offer at the University of Auckland, I am so much obliged to thank you. I know. There have been some obstacles in getting an unconditional offer and I know that I have been a pain in the neck but Ms. Upeka and Mr. Suganthan were so tolerant and helped me to get the offer. I appreciate what you have done and a simple thank you would not be enough. I think without no doubt that the organization did a great job and continue to be such great help to people like me."

    Puvetharan Prabaharan - University of Auckland, New Zealand - 28th April 2017
  • "Thanks for RIVIL for giving me this valuable chance. Actually I was lost without knowing what to do. Then I met MR.JINENDRA. He guided me to BCA. BCA is a wonderful place to study . All facilities were there including gym .I highly recommend BCA if you are interested in ENGINEERING."

    Ranaba Basnayake - BCA Academy, Singapore - 06th April 2017
  • "This is my pleasure to write this letter for the tremendous effort and advice of working through the issues of getting approved my New Zealand education visas .Thanks to the RIVIL INTERNATIONAL now I am studying in NZ. Thank you so much Mr.Jinendra, Mrs.Jayathilake, Mrs.Bandaranayake ,Mr.Suganthan and Mr.Aakil for your great support."

    Subhan Chinthaka Dodangoda - EIT, New Zealand - 04th April 2017
  • "Thank you for all the hard work and for specially having the patience and the determination to complete my process. So many complications and trials yet you kept me focused on the journey ahead and took the full burden of making this work and i truly appreciate it very much. We'll always remember the whole team wherever i maybe, a group of wonderful people iv grown very fond of. Again Thank you very much and wish you all the success. God Bless you all."

    Asiri Wickramanayake - Whitireia, New Zealand - 04th April 2017
  • "I am currently studying the first year of the programme and I have become the batch top and I look forward to receive a generous Scholarship of SGD 15,000 which will cover my second-year tuition fee and living expenses as I look forward to achieve a GPA of 3.5 for the first year."

    Nimasha Hansani - BCA Academy, Singapore - 04th April 2017
  • "Really good and friendly service, they made my future a success :) So happy I choose Rivil International"

    Sachin Withanachchi - 22nd July 2016
  • "From the first day I met Rivil International they have been working hard to achieve my dream of studying at Republic Polytechnic in Singapore. I would like to especially thank Mr.Jinendra, Mrs.Upekha, Mr.Aakil who worked immensely to make my dream a success. Rivil is the best consultants for any type of overseas education and I would recommend anyone to consult them. "

    Madura Chinthana - 9th July 2016
  • "I'm studying a BSc at the University of Auckland right now. I got my student visa primarily with the help of Rivil and I owe a big thanks to Mr. Aakil, Mr. Jinendra and Ms. Upekha. They meticulously made sure that every document required was collected and submitted accordingly, ensuring that there wasn't even the slightest chance of a (visa) rejection. They also achieved, what was seemingly the impossible for the rest of my family, informing them of every option available and advised on what would suit them (my family) best. We're all very grateful for their services. "

    Chathumi Lelwala - 3rd July 2016
  • "I would like to thank Mr. Jinendra Dias and the staff of Rivil International in helping me obtain a place in WelTec Institute and subsequently a student visa.

    There were many complications in my visa application since I had a previous visa refusal, but due to Mr. Jinendra Dias's advice and his relentless follow up work on my applications, all the complication were duly solved.

    if anyone of you thinking about studying abroad and one of your options is New Zealand, I recommend that you apply through Rivil International as they would help your dream of studying abroad.

    A Big thank you to Mr. Aakil and Mrs. Upekha too.. Thanks a lot! "

    Sujeevan Arunthavaras - 22nd July 2016
  • "I've finished my BSc in NSBM under University of Plymouth, UK. Then I wanted to continue my studies to more higher level and I wanted to go abroad for gain that level. So I found out the details about Rivil agency. They guided my very well. To get my visa endorsement the director of Rivil International Mr. Jinendra Dias personally communicated with the Mumbai immigration office and got the visa endorse for me. He has done a great duty by dealing with the immigration officers to get the visa. I really appreciateand thankful to all of the staff and Mr. Jinendra for Helping me to get the visa for my higher education..."

    Pavithra Isuru - 7th July 2016
  • "Having finished my studies at S'thomas college Mount Lavinia , I was searching for ways to broaden my knowledge and travel abroad to do my studies related to the sports industry . I contacted Rivil International regarding this and I was guided very clearly to finding my path.

    Currently I am at Republic Polytechnic Singapore about to begin my Diploma in Sports and Leisure management and in the future hope to do a Degree in Sports Science.

    This was all possible due the the assistance I received from Rivil International and special thanks goes to Mr. Jinendra , Mrs. Upekha and also Mr. Aakil.


    Serag Ozzy - 10th April 2016
  • "Jinendra, Upekha and the team at Rivil is the best foreign educational consultants I've met so far. Have been to many institutes but none of them could even give a close competition to the services offered by the team at Rivil.

    The best thing is they are genuine and they expect you to be genuine as well. They are reliable and transparent. However, you gotta play your game well if you expect them to support you to get your visa on time.

    I've closely worked with Upekha during this process and she always kept me updated with the status of the applications and also gave heads-up on what to expect next. That helped me a lot to save my time and be prepared beforehand.

    I highly recommended Rivil to anyone who is willing to pursue higher education. "

    Gayan Perera - 28th July 2016
  • "Having completed by undergraduates from the university of Staffordshire, and having worked for sometime. I wanted to go for a change; go abroad. Rivil helped me with sorting things out on my educational planning on the universities, cities, etc.. and now i've enrolled myself into Wintec in Hamilton, New Zealand.

    The staff at rivil is very friendly and is also handling all my documentation and immigration processes. A huge thank you and appreciation goes for all that has been done for a successful adventure."

    Izmi Ilzaam - 21st March 2016
  • "Starting from selecting an educational institute for my tertiary studies, Rivil International was very helpful and friendly in working with me throughout the process. They were perfect in handling all the documentation and the immigration process. After getting the VISA, the pre departure briefing that they did for me was VERY helpful after coming here. So I specially thank Mr. Jinendra, Ms. Upekha and Mr. Aakil for all the hard work! And I don't have a second doubt in recommending Rivil International to anyone. (even my brother is working with them for his higher education in NZ at the moment"

    Uvani Suraweera - 25th March 2016
  • "I am an old Anandian. I graduated from the University of Wales in June 2015 with the BSc (Hons) Business Management degree. I wanted to do masters in New Zealand. So I went to Rivil International and spoke with them. They gave me A to Z details about the universities, courses and visa process of New Zealand. Rivil guided me to select my course and all the documentation part was handled by them. I was so comfortable dealing with them because they were so friendly and they were doing everything on behalf of me. Finally I ended up being a postgraduate student of the prestigious University of Auckland. Thank you Rivil for giving me the fullest cooperation. It's a great pleasure dealing with you guys. I wish all the very best for your future endeavours."

    Prabath Ariyapala - February 2016
  • "I'm a past student of the Diploma in Baking program at Prima Baking and Training centre, Rajagiriya. I have obtained my student VISA to NZ to Study at NSIA, Auckland. I would like to thank my agent Rivil International Education Consultants in helping me obtain my student VISA."

    Shehan Nandasiri - February 2016
  • "Rivil International Education Consultants is the most trusted and fasted service provider for international studies. They assisted me on my application to Eastern Institute of Technology, NZ. I have obtained my student VISA to NZ and I thank the Rivil Team for helping me."

    Susith Fernando - September 2015
  • "I am currently studying at EIT Auckland campus following my PGD in Applied Management( August 17 intake). I am thankful to the Rivil International Education Consultants team for assisting with my student visa application, and special thanks goes to Mr. Jinendra, Mrs. Upekha and Mr. Akil. I received my visa just in 3 working days after submitting the application. At Rivil, they are very experienced with a broad knowledge and understanding of student visa process to New Zealand. In Sri Lanka I met many other consultants , but Rivil stand out of all of them . As I am an MBA graduate from the UK, all the other Sri Lankan consultants said I cannot pursue a PGD in NZ as I already have an MBA, but Mr. Jinendra was sure I can and he guided me the entire process. You can also meet NZ representatives at Rivil office, something I haven't seen in other places. I would highly recommend Rivil International to all of you. It's trustworthy and worth it. Don't waste your time elsewhere. Thanks team Rivil."

    Deepthi Niroshini - September 2015
  • "I just started my postgraduate studies at Sheffield Hallam University and I would like to appreciate all the guidance and support given by Madam. Anuradha, Mr. Akail and Rivil team to get my UK Visa. Thank you for all the follow ups and the get the necessary actions to expedite my Visa approval. I would highly recommend Rivil International Education consultants for anyone interested in UK education. Thank you again for your great support."

    Dilhani Dodangoda - October 2015
  • "Being an undergraduate student in New Zealand Tertiary College, I would like to pay my gratitude to the Rivil International Education consultants for showing me the correct path to my dream by giving all the necessary guidance. My special Thank goes to Mrs. Upekha & Mr.Jinendra. In-fact, I'm really Thankful for Upekha for the great support she has been giving me from the begining. Without doubt, I can recommend Rivil International Education Consultant to whoever wishes to study in New Zealand."

    Sayuri Wijemanna - October 2015
  • "I'm am a professional chef and i have worked in many hotels both in Sri lanka and abroad.but i have yet to complete my studies to get a diploma in culinary arts. I was looking for a good place to apply for a diploma abroad and manage to find Rivil International from a friend. I have obtained my visa approved thanks to Rivil international. so im grateful for all the hard work that they have done to get me this visa. And if there is anyone out there who wishes to pursue their studies abroad i would recommend Rivil."

    Dilshan Ellawala - September 2015
  • "I have completed the first year of my diploma in IT Network administration and management at Colombo Institute Of Graduate Studies, Sri Lanka. I have obtained my student visa to New Zealand to complete my final year qualification at Cornell Institute of Business and Technology. I would like to thank the staff at Rivil International for their support in achieving my student visa. I would highly recommend Rivil International for anybody who is planning on studying in New Zealand."

    Akash De Melo - September 2015
  • "Already completed the first year of my diploma in IT Network Administration & Management at Colombo Institute of Graduate Studies, Sri Lanka. Completing the first year at a very reasonable cost was the main benefit, as well as the lecturers who were very commuted in helping me obtain my qualification. I have been granted my student visa to New Zealand to complete the final year of my diploma at Cornell Institute of Business Studies NZ. I would specially like to thank Mr Jinendra and the staff at Rivil International for their support in helping me obtain my Visa and Diploma and would highly recommend them as educational consultants. Cheers."

    Lakitha De Silva - September 2015
  • "I have received my student Visa for Diploma in IT at Whitereia Polytechnic ,I would like thank to Rivil International Consultant Team for their commitment for my Visa Processing and Rivil is a great team and they always help me to solve my troubles and always keep me in positive mind.Thanks Rivil."

    Dumindu Praneetha - September 2015
  • "Rivil supported me throughout my VISA process, and I am very thankful for them for help obtain my VISA. I recommend Rivil consultancy services for anyone planning to travel to New Zealand for Work or study purposes."

    Udesh De Zoysa - - September 2015
  • "I arrived NewZealand safely last week. I just want to thank you a lot for your help and for being professional and honest with me. I really appreciate the help of Mr. Dias, Miss. Upeka and Mr. Aakil. Thanks again to guided me in all the ways to achieve my target. I am very happy here and everything is great. Thank you again for everything and please keep in touch."

    Lakmal Fernando - August 2015
  • "I'm thankful to all the staff at Rivil international Education for their guidance and advice. I'm extremely happy and well satisfied for the support. Especially Mr,Jinendra who gave me advises to get visa by consulting me and Ms.Upekha and my friend Aakil for their support too. I wish a very good future to the rivil international and honestly i recommend Rivil international to everyone and this is the only recognize agent in Sri Lanka."

    Achinna Medis - July 2015
  • "Hi, I'm Diluksha and I have obtained my student VISA to New Zealand to study at Cornell Institute of Business and Technology. I will be starting my Diploma in IT on the July 2015 intake. I thank the Rivil Team to help me achieve my dream of going to New Zealand to Commence my studies! Thank you!!"

    Diluksha Madushanka - July 2015
  • "I'm thankful to rivil international consultant for their guidance .they show me correct path of my life.i recommend rivil international consultant to every students and join with them."

    Kularuwan Weerasinghe - July 2015
  • "Thanks a lot to the Team at Rivil. I am now pursuing my dream career at Republic Polytechnic Singapore. Excellent."

    Kavinda Hurulle - April 2015
  • "I just enrolled for my postgraduate studies at WINTEC Hamilton. I would like to appreciate all the guidance and support given by Mr.Dias and Rivil team to get my Zealand Visa. Thank you for all the follow ups and the get the necessary actions to expedite my Visa approval. I would highly recommend Rivil International Education consultants for anyone interested in New Zealand education."

    Dilan Prasad - March 2015
  • "I definitely recommend this to others. They are very communicative and very helpful. Thanks a lot Rivil team. Specially Mr Jinendra and Mrs Upekha."

    Dhaneesha Rajakaruna - March 2015
  • "I owe everything to Rivil. Their visa consultation and advice helped me to finally start living my dream in New Zealand. I have always been keen to go and study in New Zealand & now thanks to Rivil I finally can. Oh and did I mention, their visa consultation and guidance is FREE!! I know Sri Lankans love FREE stuff, so therefore I would not hesitate to recommend Rivil International to those who aspire to go to New Zealand or any other country to pursue their higher education. Once again I would like to thank Mr. Jinendra Dias and the entire team for helping me get my NZ student visa. Live long & prosper!!"

    Hilal Mohideen - - March 2015
  • "Thanks Rivil for the support you guys gave me from the beginning of selecting a university to facing my visa interview. The attention you paid to minor matters is also highly commendable that you truly provide a 5 star rating service. Thank you so much. You made my dream of studying in UK a reality. Keep up the good work you do. And a very special thanks to Aakil."

    Kaveesha Galappaththi - August 2014
  • "I am a medical officer currently perusing my postgraduate studies in University of Otago, New Zealand. I applied for my student visa and for my husband's working visa through the Rivil International Education Consultants. They supported both of us throughout the visa process and we were able to obtain both visas together which were highly appreciated. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Rivil team and special thank goes to Mr. Jinendra Dias and Mr. Lalith for their support throughout the visa process. I would like to recommend Rivil International Education Consultants for anyone who is seeking education opportunities in New Zealand. Keep up the good work."

    Dr. Kanchana Subasinghe - May 2014
  • "I'm from Royal College, and Rivil International has been very helpful in finding ma a university, and I would like to recommend Rivil International to any of my friends without a doubt"

    Shamika Ratnayake - June 2014
  • "I have completed my BSc (Hons) in Information system with Business Management at IIT. I have consulted Rivil for my Masters and they helped my to process my student visa application and held me to follow my PG Diploma in Business Administration at AIS ST Helen's, Auckland."

    Manoj Thiyagarajah - March 2014
  • "Thank you very much for your great job. I am planning to do graduate diploma in professional accounting in Unitec in February 2014. Rivil International handle my student visa and get the approval. I am leaving Sri Lanka. Thanks Mr Dias and Mr. Lalth for your kind cooperation and advices and help any time that I required."

    Wathsala Lakmalee Kandauda - February 2014
  • "Hi,I'm Canistan,First of all I would like to thank Rivil International Education Consultants for helping me a lot to get my student visa for New Zealand.I applied for Cornell Institute of Business & Technology in Auckland for Diploma in International Culinary Arts (Level 5).My special thanks goes to Mr.Jinendra Dias,Mr.Lalith Liyanage & all staff for their untiring efforts & help given to me to get my visa.I will never forget any of you & your helping hand.I would strongly recommend Rivil for any student who seek genuine overseas education partner.May God bless you & grant you strength to carry on your work."

    Canistan Charles - February 2014
  • "Hi, I'm Shehan, I'm a past student of Sri Dharmaloka College in Kelaniya. After my A/L in 2009, decided to apply for New Zealand for my higher studies in Hotel Management at Whitireia Polytechnic in Auckland. I got the service of Rivil International Education Consultants where they did a great job. I like to thank Mr. Jinendra for his hard work. I can recommend Rivil for any student who wish to go abroad for their higher studies. I will be going to New Zealand for the February 2014 intake."

    Shehan Rajitha - February 2014
  • "Aftr my schl education i have aplpyied a NZ student visa through the Rivil International. Finaly i got a visa aprove for the MIT @ NZ. My intake wil b strtng on 24th of February."

    Pasan Wijesingha - February 2014
  • "I am a graduate of APIIT class of 2012. I obtained my NZ visa to join Christchurch Polytechnic of Information Technology (CPIT) to follow a graduate diploma in Project Management through Rivil international. I am thankful to Rivil team including Mr Jinendra for their accurate visa guidance and professional service."

    Hirusha Fernando - December 2013
  • "Thank you Rivil for helping me out with my higher education in New Zealand. I got the opportunity to join Massey university Business College with final year entry to an Accounting degree. I will be soon leaving to New Zealand in February. Big thank goes out to Mr. Jinendra Dias, Mr. Lalith and the entire Rivil crew. I will definitely recommend Rivil International Education Consultants for any one who seeks education opportunities in New Zealand as well as other study destinations."

    Malka Heshani Wickramathilaka - February 2014
  • "I am a graduate of APIIT class of 2013. I obtained my NZ visa to join Christchurch Polytechnic of Information Technology (CPIT) to follow a graduate diploma in Project Management through Rivil international. I am thankful to Rivil team including Mr Jinendra for their accurate visa guidance and professional service."

    Pasan Panawala - December 2013
  • "I'm Ruchira Siriwardena from Mahanama college 2012 batch. I'm very thnakfull to Rivil International Education Consultants for getting my visa for New Zealand. I applied for Whitirea Polytechnic in Auckland for Diploma in Professional Cookery. I will be starting my course in February 2014. If any of you have an idea to study in any country,I recomnd Rivil International."

    Ruchira Siriwardena - February 2014
  • "Hi, I'm Tharaka, I applied for Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) in New Zealand. I applied through Rivil International Education Consultants and I have got my visa for October intake. I am grateful to Rivil. They did not charge for their service. I like to recommend Rivil for any student who wishes to go for their higher education. I wish all success for Rivil. New Zealand... here I come.."

    Tharaka Vishvanath - October 2013
  • "Yes, there are hard times in our life... but nothing should be taken for granted."

    "I will never forget the warm welcome that I received from my flat mates. They were my new family members, the beginning of my new life and a great foundation for a wonderful beginning to my Masters course.

    Even though I had taken the decision to start my Masters studies in a different country and live by myself, there were times when I doubted whether I could successfully finish my studies. I started my studies just six months after having brain surgery; I had had an acoustic neuroma (4cm tumour) in the right-side of my brain. Though it had been successfully removed, there were many side effects: I was deaf on my right side, facially paralyzed and my right eyesight was slightly weak. Although I could walk, I had balance issues. But, mentally, I was courageous enough to take the challenge.

    Now, I have successfully completed my Masters and a proud member of the Liverpool Hope University alumni. I would like to thank all those who helped me on this process including my parents, friends and colleagues. I also wish to express my gratitude to Rivil International for guiding me for this programme. ."

    Chulani Kandage (Sri Lankan Alumni of MSc Business Management) - Oct 2013
  • "I am Rumesh from D.S Senanayake College batch of 2002. I am thankful to all at Rivil International for their professional guidance for my student visa to New Zealand. I recommend Rivil International to anyone who plans to go to New Zealand for higher education."

    Rumesh Tennakoon - May 2013
  • "I'm Gayan Champika Bandara. I have completed Higher Diploma in NIBM in IT. I applied to Cornell Institute of Business & Technology in New Zealand for Network Engineering Level 7. I applied through Rivil International Education Consultants. I have got my visa approved and I will be leaving to New Zealand very soon. I wish to thank Rivil for their support in getting my visa."

    Gayan Champika Bandara - April 2013
  • "I got a great opportunity to study @ Republic Polytechnic Singapore.....I would have never got this opportunity without Rivil International Education consultants.....thanks Rivil...you are the best consultants..!!!"

    Kalpa Narandeniya - April 2013
  • "I got admission for AIS St. Helens in Auckland, New Zealand. I Have BBA from Sheffield Hallam University. And I will be studying PGD Business Administration. I thank Rivil International for their service. They have done great job by getting my visa. I recommend Rivil International if you want to go for higher studies in New Zealand. I will be leaving to New Zealand soon!"

    Sudesh Lenadora - Feb 2013
  • "I applied for the Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management at AIS St. Helens In New Zealand. I have applied through Rivil international and they have done a wonderful job. I will be leaving Sri Lanka on the 14th of February 2013 to Auckland. I thank the Rivil team again! "

    Rasika Wijekoon - Feb 2013
  • "I really needed this note to thank Rivil International for consulting me for my higher education with AIS St Helans, New Zealand. The way you approach, the professional responsible manner you handled my application lead to another success story. I'd like to recommend strongly Rivil to anyone those who wish to study abroad."

    Rabeendra Mahaliyana - Feb 2013
  • "I must thank to Mr.Dias and his group. Because they helped me and guided me well. I strongly recommend their service to Sri Lankan students who wish to go to NZ for higher studies. I wish them all the very best! .... Now I'm in NZ..... Good luck..... :)"

    Dinuk Deshitha - Feb 2013
  • "I'm Ratheesh from Ramakrishna National College in Akkaraipattu. I applied to EIT for Diploma in Applied Business through Rivil International in New Zealand for my higher studies and they really did a fantastic job to got my visa....my heart full thank to them....."

    Ratheesh Gopalapollai - Feb 2013
  • "I am Chaminda Karunadasa, LLB (Hons) Colombo, Attorney-at-Law applied for the Post Graduate Diploma in International Business at AIS, Auckland through my agent Rivil International Ltd. I am going to Auckland for my higher studies. I must thank to Mr. Dias and his team, because they helped me and guided me well. I strongly recommend their service to Sri Lankan students who wish to go to NZ for higher studies. I wish them all the very best!"

    Chaminda Karunadasa - Jan 2013
  • "With deep appreciation, I thank the Rivil International, for consulting me to continue, my higher education with Cornell Institute of Business and Technology for the year 2013.Thanking to Rivil (Mr.Jinendra, Mr.Lalith, Amith aiya), I got my visa and now I'm awaiting to complete my final year with Cornell in IT the year 2013(February intake).thank you again Rivil for the work and effort you do. Till we get our visas you all are there with us, by fulfilling our documentary works. Even after we go to New Zealand Mr.Jinendra is there for us to help. It's a great pleasure for a new student."

    Chinthaka Hareendra Biyanwila - Feb 2013
  • "Hi, I'm a RP scholarship winner. I applied through Rivil International. I would like to get to know other students who are in RP and get more information about RP & Singapore."

    Gowri Shaan - April 2014
  • "Hello, I'm a Final year IT student.I applied through Rivil for a level 7 Diploma at Cornell and Ii got my visa for 2013 without the FTS (funds transfer scheme). So I basically saved 1.7 Million thanks to Rivil."

    Udara Basnayake - Feb 2013
  • "Rivil International is highly recommended, they are the best NZ consultants in Sri Lanka and their Support is great. Thank you very much for all your hard work Rivil. :)"

    Asantha Indrajith - Feb 2013
  • "Hi, I am Asantha Indrajith from Sri Lanka. I will be joining UCOL in Palmerston North, NZ to follow I.T in February 2013. I thank Rivil team for the excellent support for my visa. I would like to get to know if any students from Sri Lanka in Palmerston North or any part of New Zealand."

    Asantha - Lyceum International, Nugegoda, 2010
  • "I take this opportunity to thank the Rivil Team, who guided me throughout the whole process in getting me my visa to UK for my Higher Studies. I'm grateful to them, & wish them good luck for their future success."

    Chulani Kandage - Intake 2012 - UK
  • "Hi Rivil Team, I'm sure to say that Rivil Team is the best education consultants in Sri Lanka. They cleared all my queries anytime I called them. Thank you Rivil Team, I wish more and more in the future."

    Lasitha Harindra - Intake 2012 - UK
  • "Rivil guided me in choosing my correct pathway in my Higher Education. They never turned back their faces in replying my queries via e-mail or phone. Thank you Rivil for all the support and care shown through out my visa application process."

    Fathima Riyaza - Intake 2012 - UK
  • "Thank you for all your love and support and I hope that more students get the opportunity to experience the fabulous service you did for all of us in this group. I hope this organization goes from strength to strength."

    Sumathi Suppiah - Intake 2012 - UK
  • "Rivil Team provided us with clear guidance to meet our educational requirements and helped us in many ways to overcome the problem arises during our visa process. I would recommend this organization who seeks genuine overseas educational partner. Thanks to RIVIL TEAM we got our student visas without any problem."

    Andrew Manjula - Intake 2012 - NZ
  • "Rivil Team, Thank you so very much for all the support. I really do not words to explain my happiness & it's all because of you people. The confidence that you all gave me, encouraged me to step forward in processing the visa. And it's because of you all I was able to go to NZ without any problem. I wish the Team success!"

    Visura Indula - Intake 2012 - NZ
  • "Rivil guided me until I received my visa and they were very helpful when I was trying to apply for my student visa to NZ. I really appreciate your guidance. Thank u so much Rivil, I'll never forget your fabulous services at any given time."

    Champika Mahinda - Intake 2012 - NZ
  • "Rivil Team! You all made my dream come true, in doing my higher studies in NZ. Doing the main visa procedures on behalf of me relived my stress. I wish them good luck!"

    Amila Nuwan - Intake 2012 - NZ
  • "Rivil guided me through out the whole process. I'm so lucky to get consultation from Rivil, who helped me in getting my student visa. Thank you so much Rivil team."

    Chamara Bandara - Intake 2012 - NZ
  • "Rivil team thank you so much for all the guidance in processing towards the students visa. You all reduced my burden in getting my student visa. I wish the team good luck for their future success."

    Hirshani Gnei - Intake 2012 - UK
  • "Thank you so much, Rivil Team for their immense support in helping me getting my student visa. I wish them success in the future!"

    Danuja Eranda - Intake 2012 - Cyprus
  • "Rivil, I thank you so much for guiding me in choosing the correct pathway for my higher studies. I wish the team good luck! Cheers Rivil!"

    Chandani Lelwala - Intake 2012 - Australia
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